Lindisfarne College prides itself on producing outstanding young men of good character. The College marketing department approached us to conduct regular digital marketing services that involved a mix of digital strategy, content production, social media and content management services.

We also produced a number of branding videos for the College that highlighted the four cornerstones of the College; academic, sporting, cultural and spritual. The goal was to demonstrate a day in the life of a Lindisfarne student to prospective parents and students.

The College also celebrated it’s 65th anniversary in 2018 so we came up with a campaign idea to commemorate this milestone called ’65 From The Archive’. It was an excellent way to celebrate the College’s history and people since 1953. You can learn more about this project with the Lindisfarne College Old Boys’ Association here.

The Approach

The ‘best possible’ concept was the central theme to the content we produced. This included one full video edit that featured all aspects to life at Lindisfarne and six smaller video edits that demonstrated the College’s environment, academic focus, sporting endeavor, cultural pursuits and boarding life. We also utilised content we filmed from a number of College events throughout the year to feature in the branding video.

Digital Strategy + Content Production + Social Media + Content Management

The Academic Cornerstone

Lindisfarne College provides a learning environment that allows each young man to be the best that they can be.

Boarding at Lindisfarne

Boarding at the College is far more than a place of residence, it’s a great place where young men develop important lifeskills and lifelong friendships.

The Cultural Cornerstone

Lindisfarne College’s cultural programme is designed for students to discover and develop their hidden talents and interests in cultural pursuits.

The Sporting Cornerstone

The Lindisfarne College sporting programme builds life skills, confidence and essential qualities that students require beyond their secondary school years.

The Environment

Lindisfarne College is located on a stunning 22ha park-like campus on the outskirts of Hastings in Hawke’s Bay. The perfect place for boys to live and learn.


Nicola Parsons, Marketing and Advancement Manager at Lindisfarne College,

“After such a successfully run ’65 From the Archive’ campaign where SoCo helped engage our Old Boys community, we bought them back to do the same on a much bigger scale for the whole College’s digital presence.

We appreciate their creative approach and attention to detail. SoCo are my first stop for digital advice and are always ready to help out on all types of projects. I have enjoyed working collaboratively with them on bringing the College up to date with digital communication channels to enhance our interactions with all facets of our community”.

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