Hãhã Wine is a family-owned wine company who pride themselves on making high quality, great value wines that bring people together.

The Approach

Hãhã Wine came to us with the need for a fresh, unique and engaging digital campaign to kick off 2019. It needed to represent their brand in the social media space and encourage their consumer to interact with their brand online.

Digital Strategy + Content Production + Social Media

The Strategy

We answered their need with a creative digital campaign called ‘The Hãhã Moment’. The campaign played on the idea of an ‘aha!’ moment which is a sudden moment of insight or discovery, but with Hãhã Wine. We produced two informative campaign animations and six videos that demonstrated Hãhã moments.

Social Media

The concept encouraged Hãhã wine drinkers to share their Hãhã moment via social media channels. The call to action drew them through to the website which had further details on the campaign. We effectively created a new audience for Hãhã to connect with in the future.

Strategic & intermittently scheduled content marketing and advertising meant that their content got to the right audience at the right time. It gave Hãhã wine an avenue to attain positive user-generated content online when people freely recommended and endorsed their product to the wider public.

The Results

  • 308,915 social media impressions over 3 months. A total increase of 1418% in comparison to the previous period
  • A 46.1% increase in engagement rate on social media
  • A Facebook audience increase of 6%
  • 47,800 video views from our target audience on social media
  • Plenty of positive endorsement of Hãhã Wine via social media channels

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