AC Wine is all about Heritage, Experience & Vision. Our task was to create and launch the AC Wine brand to the market in a unique way that shares the story of a family and their winemaking heritage over five generations in New Zealand.

The Approach

We set out to produce meaningful and bespoke content that gave AC Wine its own identity in a competitive wine market.

Digital Strategy + Website Development + Content Production + Social Media + Google Advertising + Email Marketing

Digital Strategy

Our strategy was to develop a brand with meaning to it. We decided the phrase ‘Heritage, Experience, Vision’ encapsulated the ethos of the brand and what it offered. A distinct approach then led to our strategy to market the brand through unique and engaging multi-channel digital campaigns.

Website Development

The first step was to plan and build a website equipped with e-commerce functionality to sell the beverage exclusively online. The website was developed on WordPress and gave users a great sense of the brand and its point of difference.

You can visit the website at: www.acwine.co.nz

Content Production

We produced high-quality video, animation & photography that gave AC Wine a unique and distinctive feel in the market. This attracted interest from our target demographic and encouraged the consumer to learn more about the beverage and purchase from the shop online.

The fully optimised WordPress site was was the central platform that we directed our audience to after they engaged with our content online.

Social Media

We used the content we created and conducted strategic social media content marketing and advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to build awareness, increase engagement and enhance conversion.

Google Advertising

We utilised display network advertising via YouTube and Google to showcase AC Wine products to our target demographic and direct traffic through to the e-commerce site.

Strategic content re-marketing and conversion optimisation meant that we were able to utilise any interest in the products & send out further messages that encouraged them to try the products.


Email Marketing

We constructed effective and regular email marketing campaigns with special offers and discounts to a segmented database that encouraged first and repeat purchases online.


Part of the AC Wine story focuses on the family’s continued respect for and contribution to community. Because of this, we developed a creative & charitable idea related to wine that demonstrated corporate social responsibility.

On the back of every AC Wine bottle is the phrase: “Turning wine into water. A drink made well”. This phrase references AC Wine’s initiative in sole sponsoring the construction of a fresh water well in Liberia (Africa) which provides a community of 300 people with clean & safe drinking water. The project was facilitated by Lifewater, a family-owned Canadian non-government organisation who have drilled over 1,000 wells and provided access to safe drinking water for more than 500,000 people.

The Results

  • 650+ new email list subscribers in under 1 week
  • Over 1,000+ new Facebook followers in under 3 months
  • Over 500+ new Instagram followers in under 3 months
  • A significant number of online sales which increased from week to week
  • Reach and impressions of 100,000+ over the first 3 month content marketing period
  • 10,000+ views on numerous branding videos throughout the first 3 month content marketing period

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